The skills of the best croupiers

Want to make a good impression on your customers? Be prepared to devote enough time to the selection of personnel, because it allows you to maintain a good reputation of the establishment and attract new visitors. If it is a casino, the dealers are the “face” of the company. After all, the players have to communicate with them most of all. Therefore, the quality of the dealer’s work is, in fact, an indicator of the level of the gambling house. So what distinguishes a competent and good dealer? Often, the main skills he should possess perfectly include:

  • flawless knowledge of the rules of the game;
  • the ability to quickly and accurately keep score;
  • perfect technique.

What is the main job of a dealer? His job is to monitor the game, make timely payments, and be able to handle cards, chips, and other equipment. However, these skills are not enough to become a master dealer. Professionals who work at casinos for a long time differ in a number of other qualities that allow you to call them professionals with capital letters and be in demand on the labor market. Experts having long-term experience in the field of gambling distinguish a lot of specific skills inherent in an ideal croupier. These are the kind of people that casino bosses and executives want to see among their staff.

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Solid character

A banker should be characterized by “thick-skinned” and not let his feelings run wild. His negative qualities would be vulnerability, resentfulness, excessive attention to the words and assessments of others. In addition, he should be able to “skip over” insults and not give much importance to negative moments possible during the game and communication with visitors. Some gambling clubs are quite radical with respect to rude customers, but it is worth bearing in mind that no one dares to kick a person out for a single swear word or insulting word said to a croupier.

There is another category of players, contact with whom the dealer should also know how to do without damage to his psyche. This group includes “unlucky” players. They are ready to call anyone to blame for their own failures, but not themselves. At the most inopportune moment in the “hot hand” of disgruntled players just happens to be a croupier, who expressed unflattering words. The banker can endlessly explain that he has no influence on the game, but some customers believe that the process leader indulges in cheating, playing along with opponents or falsifying the numbers.

Working for many years in the gambling industry professionals are well aware that many of the words spoken by visitors do not relate personally to the person, are pronounced in most cases on emotion. No one wants to lose, and often the outsider is seized by anger. Some players make loud rows at the table in the hall, cursing and even swearing at the croupier, but the next day they return to the same institution with apologies. Thus, if you plan to stay as a dealer for a long time, you should build up the “armor”. This is the only way you can succeed as a croupier. If you lack patience, fortitude, and the ability not to take harsh words in your address, then learn how to do it.

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